A New year…. A New Me?

So it’s always around this time of year people set their New Years Resolutions, resolve to be better at something, to change something, to leave behind the old them and grow into something new.

Well I have spent many years trying to be a new me, a better me, a different me. However all that does is forget that the me I was/ am got me to this point, they are a fighter and a survivor.

That me has been through an abusive relationship, has struggled through bullying in friendships, in the work place, has had a breakdown and daily they struggle to manage over whelming anxiety. It is that me that has kept me getting up in the mornings, who gets me on a train every day and gets me to work – even with a rapid heart beat or palpitations.

What I am learning is regardless of my thoughts about that me, that me is tough, funny, strong and yes weird as hell but a damn good weird. That weirdness has allowed me to see the world as I do, and has provided me with some damn awesome experiences.

So this year I wrote a really long list of resolutions, 14 to be precise which sounds intense. However they are simple and really could be summed up in 3 – enjoy life more, be kind to myself and create more, the 14 are:


What is interesting is when I wrote these I wasn’t really thinking a priority order, I just wrote as they came to me. It’s interesting that the 3 at the bottom came to me last, that in itself shows me how important it is to embrace them!

This is going to be a short and sweet blog, I am not sure I have ever written anything this brief but the point isn’t to wrote long essays, the point is to just write. So really this is a blog to say hey I am back and I am writing again, to give you an idea of what the year may hold and to try to start putting those goals into action.

This is also about me saying that it is never about a New you because you is awesome – you got you here, you has survived and fought and never take that you for granted. This year is the year for being kind to yourself.


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